Some shift in positions away from the deadlock was made, but a new meeting will be held Monday in an attempt to reconcile positions, said representatives of the unions after Thursday’s session of the Economic and Social Council, at which the unions reiterated that they will not give up on their demands.

“We’ve made some shift away from the deadlock. On Monday we will hold a new meeting and we agreed to deliver the calculations made by the unions, regarding the Government’s proposal, to the Government. On Monday they should submit a new proposal, a new simulation, so we can see if we can reconcile our positions. What was offered at the session wasn’t acceptable for us. We will see on Monday if the Government will have a new offer after what we discussed today,” union representative Trpe Deanoski said after the session.

According to Deanoski, the Government did not offer a raise.

“The discussions were about what the Budget can sustain and the IMF statement on Wednesday. But, we will not give up on our demands, that the raise must be related to the average wage,” said Deanoski.

The difference in the calculations of the unions and the Government, said Deanoski, is not small.

The unions believe the new methodology on public sector wages proposed by the Government can be a permanent solution, but, they said, the period of five years for the harmonization of the General Collective Agreement is too long.

Deanoski said the unions demand that the methodology is the same as the one for the officials – average wage with coefficient.