REK Bitola will pay up to 3.2 million euros (excluding VAT) for four heavy-duty vehicles. There is no tender for the lease because it was an extreme urgency. The lease is valid for one year. The four machines will be provided by a group of two Bitola companies. The holder of the group is the Bitola company “ZIMAK DOOEL” which for the whole of 2019 had total revenues which are only 10% of the value of the lease agreements for the four heavy-duty vehicles, the “Factor” news portal writes.

“Faktor” writes that REK “Bitola”, the largest producer of electricity and a subsidiary of ESM (the largest state producer of electricity – former ELEM) in conditions of extreme urgency without issuing a tender but by negotiating leased four heavy-duty vehicles from two Bitola companies for which will pay up to 3.2 million euros for a period of one year. “Faktor” says that these are official data available on the website of the Public Procurement Bureau, which said there are conditions for negotiations without issuing a tender call. ESM and REK Bitola requested and received a positive opinion from the Public Procurement Bureau with the explanation that it is an extreme urgency to lease the machinery.

Hence the question to Vasko Kovacevski, General Manager of ESM: how’s the procurement of new machinery for the needs of REK Bitola, worth 19 million euros, going, which Kovacevski personally in December 2019 spectacularly announced from the rostrum of the press center in the Government? writes “Factor “.