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Economy 04.10.21 | 18:44

Fuel prices on the rise

As of Monday midnight, the price of gasoline fuels increases by MKD 1.5, while that of diesel fuels increases by MKD 2, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said. The price of EUROSUPER BS 95 is MKD 73.50 per liter, that of EUROSUPER BS 98 is MKD 75.50 per liter. The extra light household fuel is MKD...

Macedonia Economy 04.10.21 | 14:00

Consumers could see increases in food prices of up to 50 percent

The SKM Chamber of Commerce warns about a coming huge spike in food prices, caused by the rise in energy costs and in some important raw materials in the food industry, such as the cooking oil. It is up to the Government to support the industry. Otherwise, prices could go up as far as 40 to 50 percent....

Macedonia Economy 04.10.21 | 10:32

Chamber of Commerce head issues dire warning about the effects from the spiking energy prices

Branko Azeski, the director of the SKM chamber of commerce, warned that Macedonian economy is in serious difficulty from the rising electricity prices. Azeski said that while most of Europe is concerned about gas prices, Macedonia still has relatively low prices and little exposure, but the electricity...

Macedonia Economy 02.10.21 | 11:34

Textile workers angered by the latest pre-election perk awarded to the public sector employees

A proposed change in the public administration law caused a lot of anger in the public. The proposal will reduce the workday on Fridays by four hours – and is apparently meant to benefit Muslim public sector employees who want more time to attend the Friday prayers at the mosque. The reaction comes...

Macedonia Economy 27.09.21 | 18:28

Ahead of the elections, Zaev promises subsidies to Prespa apple farmers

Zoran Zaev campaigned in Resen and the Prespa area today, promising subsidies of 3 denars per kilogram to planters of apples for industrial use. The harvest is poor this year and many farmers will be forced to sell their apples for a lower price, to juice and baby food manufacturers. Zaev is eager to...

Economy 27.09.21 | 14:46

Gasoline prices down, diesel slightly up

As of Monday midnight, gasoline prices will go down by MKD 1 while diesel goes up by MKD 1 per liter, said the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). The price of EUROSUPER BS 95 is MKD 72 per liter, that of EUROSUPER BS 98 is MKD 74 per liter. The extra light household fuel is MKD 65 per liter. The price...

Macedonia Economy 23.09.21 | 14:58

Motorists hurt by high methane prices

The huge spike in European gas prices is hurting Macedonian consumers, many of whom have switched to methane as their primary car fuel. The price has reached over 37 denars per cubic meter, and approaching 40. These are highly unexpected prices and have caused outrage in the public. Motorists in Macedonia...

Economy 21.09.21 | 18:23

Saint Petersburg – Skopje flight inaugurated

The arrival of the first flight from Pulkovo Airport to Skopje International Airport on Tuesday officially marks the inauguration of a direct flight from Saint Petersburg to Skopje. Flights to the capital of Macedonia will be performed weekly on Tuesdays. This is the second direct flight since the establishment...

Macedonia Economy 21.09.21 | 11:35

Rice farmers from Kocani protest against the low prices they are being offered for the harvest

Rice farmers from Kocani blocked the road west to Skopje in protest against the low prices offered for their harvest and the increase in prices for the essentials needed to maintain their fields. The rice sells for 15 to 18 denars – and even lower as whole-traders are trying to extract more subsidies...

Macedonia Economy 15.09.21 | 16:50

After protests, vineries agree to pay more for the grape harvest

Vinery owners today agreed to pay 10 denars for a kilogram of Smederevka grapes and 12 denars for the Vranec variety. This was agreed today at a meeting mediated by the Agriculture Minister Arijanit Hoxha. Vineyard farmers protested in Kavadarci and broke into the grounds of the large Tikves vinery after...

Macedonia Economy 13.09.21 | 13:52

Gas prices go up by one denar

Gas prices are set to go up by 1 denar per liter,starting on Monday, the Regulatory Energy Commission announced. The Eurosuper 95 gas will go up to 73 denars per liter, while the 98 will cost 75 denars. Diesel prices will remain the same, at 63.5 denars per liter.

Economy 12.09.21 | 21:45

Nikoloski: SDSM will be defeated in the elections, so we with professional staff and assistance from the EU will realize the big project for high-speed railway

The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski reminds through a Facebook post that a few months ago he said that his dream is to cut travel time between Skopje and Thessaloniki and people to be able to travel for an hour and a half in both directions. Then SDSM said that it was impossible and...

Economy 10.09.21 | 17:34

EU train to stop at Skopje railway station on Monday at 10 pm

The Republic of Macedonia is part of the global event “Connecting Europe Express” which marks the European Year of Rail. On that occasion, as the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced, the European train presenting the railway as one of the most sustainable, safest and innovative...

Economy 09.09.21 | 16:44

Cost of living, retail prices increase

The cost of living in August increased by 0.6% compared to July, while retail prices went up 0.4% in the same period. Compared to August 2020, the cost of living in August 2021 jumped by 3.6%, while retail prices by 4.9%, State Statistical Office data shows. An increase in the Consumer Price Index in...

Economy 08.09.21 | 22:41

Mickoski: Let’s fight for a standard like the one in Austria, for European salaries, for joining the EU with a preserved identity

My people, I dream of great things for our Macedonia, and it is not enough for a person to just dream, but also to work on realizing that dream. I’m ready for that. I have the right and honor to talk about those goals, because I know them, we have defined them and because a new generation of politicians...

Economy 07.09.21 | 17:48

Pendarovski: Immunization is key factor for overcoming crisis

The global economy is still very fragile and challenges are large. The general economic forecast has improved compared to last year, despite slow recovery, President Stevo Pendarovski said on Tuesday, addressing the inaugural Skopje Economic Finance Forum on “Economic recovery and growth post-COVID”,...

Economy 06.09.21 | 18:14

Byrnes: Macedonian economy showed it can adapt and thrive

While large companies are able to maneuver through bureaucracies and make significant investments in Macedonia, smaller companies find this business environment difficult. So ensuring that procurement processes are transparent and establishing a professional bureaucracy that’s able to work with companies...

Macedonia Economy 06.09.21 | 15:02

Macedonian economy reportedly grew by 13.1 percent in Q2

Zoran Zaev declared that Macedonia is in a strong economic recovery as he touted the just released report from the State Statistics Bureau, that the country reportedly grew by whopping 13.1 percent in the second quarter of 2021. This means that in the first half of the year we grew by 5.6 percent, Zaev...

Macedonia Economy 06.09.21 | 12:59

Fuel prices go up 1 denar per liter

The Regulatory Energy Committee announced it is hiking gas prices by 1 denar per liter. This will apply to the two main gas blends and the diesel fuel. The price of light household heating fuel will go up by 0.5 denars. Solid heating fuel will go up 0.82 denars per kilo.

Macedonia Economy 02.09.21 | 17:03

Finance Minister still projects growth of 4.1 percent in 2021

Despite dismal economic results so far in 2021, Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi insists that Macedonia will still grow at a rate of 4.1 percent. Besimi also assured the public that the inflation rate will be relatively under control, at 2.1 percent. This won’t be an easy year, and we are aware of...