The objective of the Open Balkan is to carry us forward towards development, integration, competitiveness, freedom of movement, facilitation of procedures, solidarity and assistance. I believe Open Balkan is more than an idea and initiative, having the capacity to respond to the needs and provide operational solutions, said Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi at the opening of the plenary session of the Open Balkan inter-governmental working groups in Tirana on Monday.

According to him, the goal of the Open Balkans is to take us all forward towards development, integration, competitiveness against mutual competition, freedom of movement of the 4 freedoms of the European Union, facilitation of procedures, solidarity and a helping hand.

The promotion of trade and supply chains is a potential that we can all capitalize on by stimulating the bringing of supply chains in our countries and of course close to the borders of the European Union, now that the last three years have almost shown us that far eastern markets are not are sustainable and are easily fragile in times of crisis. Every summer we successfully or unfortunately less successfully deal with summer wildfires. We will draw up plans and create operational groups to respond to each other urgently when one of our countries needs help, but I am sure that we will also define opportunities to help other countries in the region – we see what is happening these days in Slovenia. We are ready to help everyone, the need for help knows no boundaries. Of course, we will also talk about joint overcoming of the energy crisis and ways to save, something that I told my fellow citizens a few months ago that it will not only be necessary, it is simply the only responsible and solidarity behavior of each of us, Bytyqi said.