SDSM’s quasi-measures leave thousands of citizens without income. 33,000 workers in the tourism and catering sector, including hotels, restaurants, cafés will not receive government assistance for payment of salaries. Instead of realistic measures, SDSM deceives the citizens with improvisations. The measures they have proposed start in April, March is not covered, and that is the month in which the crisis began, VMRO DPMNE reacts to the ruling SDSM’s set of measures.

The party urges the government to overcome their vanity and arrogance and to accept VMRO-DPMNE’s measures for national salvation.

The government urgently needs to cover 50% of workers’ wages. Money must not be taken from those who do not have it. The government should cut unproductive spending by all budget users and reallocate funds to healthcare. Realization of capital investments must not stop. All planned investments to be implemented in order to assist industry and construction. Realistic measures and decisive steps are needed, not improvisations, VMRO-DPMNE says.