The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, at Tuesday’s press conference said that the claims about a coming increase of up to 50 % in food prices was exaggerated.

After this statement, the question arises whether Zaev has been to a grocery store to see the prices of basic products that are needed by every household such as oil, flour, meat, bread….

It is an exaggeration to say that prices will increase by 50 percent. Inflation in our country is controlled and is up to 2.7 percent. It is sensitive when inflation exceeds 10 percent. We cannot be isolated from the world, because we are an open market, connected and dependent on European markets. The price of electricity is the main indicator of rising product prices, but it participates at an average level of no more than three percent. Stock market prices will have some impact on product prices, but 2.7 percent inflation is controlling. For everything that will exceed the expectations, the Government is here, said Zaev.