Consumer prices in November increased by 19.5 percent compared to the same month in 2021, while retail prices rose by 15.2 percent, said the State Statistical Office on Wednesday.

An increase in the Consumer Price Index in November 2022, in comparison with the previous month, was registered in spirits by 4.0%, wine by 3.4%, meat by 2.6%, fish and seafood by 2.2%, milk, food products n.e.c by 1.9%, mineral waters, soft drinks, fruit, and vegetable juices by 1.8%, cheese and curd, coffee, tea and cocoa by 0.8%, eggs by 0.7%, sugar, jam, honey, chocolate, and confectionery by 0.6%, beer by 0.3%, bread and cereals by 0.2%.

In November, there was also an increase in the indices of cleaning, equipment, hire of clothing by 11.5%, domestic services and household services by 4.7%, non-durable household goods by 3.3 %, maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment, pets and related products by 3.2%, cultural services by 3.1%, repair of furniture, furnishings, and floor coverings by 3.0%, services for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling by 2.8%, small electric household appliances, hairdressing salons and personal grooming establishments by 2.7%, fuels and lubricants for personal transport equipment by 2.6%, other medical products, stationery and drawing materials by 2.0%, major tools and equipment, electric appliances for personal care by 1.9%, gas for household, major household appliances by 1.6%, solid fuels by 1.5%, other services in respect of personal transport equipment by 1.4%, other appliances, articles and products for personal care by 1.3%, repair and hire of footwear, repair of household appliances, package holidays by 1.1%, materials for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling, therapeutical appliances and equipment by 1.0%, household textiles, spare parts and accessories for personal transport equipment by 0.8%, small tools and miscellaneous accessories by 0.7%, glassware, tableware, and household utensils, pharmaceutical products, paramedical services, bicycles by 0.5%, footwear, recreational and sporting services, restaurants, cafes and the like, other services n.e.c, by 0.4%, motor cars, jewellery, clocks and watches by 0.3%, equipment for the reception, recording and reproduction of sound and picture by 0.2%.

A decrease in the Consumer Price index in November 2022, in comparison with the previous month, was registered in fresh or chilled fruits by 8.9% and oils and fats by 5.0%.

In November, there was also a decrease of indices of passenger transport by air by 11.2%, photographic and cinematographic equipment and optical instruments by 2.7%, liquid fuels for household by 2.1%, games, toys, and hobbies by 1.1%, information processing equipment, miscellaneous printed matter by 0.6%, equipment for sport, camping and open-air recreation by 0.3%, garments, gardens, plants, and flowers by 0.2%.