This is one of the most important matches in history for us. Maybe the world did not believe that we would be at this press conference tonight, but that is absolutely not a coincidence. This national team of ours has something that others may not have at all, I feel proud to be the captain of this national team and I can only say that we are maximally prepared for this great final, said Stefan Ristovski before today’s match.

This is a historic match for our national team, which has a chance to play in the World Cup after the European Championship

Coach Milevski is also optimistic.

Nobody in the world expected that we would be playing this match. But we have confirmed step by step all our quality and we are deservedly here again in the final for the 2022 World Cup. That’s why the players have only one message from me again, to enjoy the moment, to go out on the field and once again show all their potential and heart, he said.