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Central Bank sees continued stabilization of economic fundamentals

Macedonian Central Bank (NBRM) held a meeting of its operative monetary policy committee which concluded that fourth quarter economic growth was stronger than the previous quarter, personal savings levels continued to grow, the foreign currency...

Industrial producer prices increased

According to the State Statistical Office data, in January 2017, the Industrial producer prices, total, increased by 0.4% at the monthly level and by 3.1% at the annual level. In January 2017, in comparison with December 2016, the Industrial...

Deadline for submitting Annual Tax Return expires

Wednesday is the deadline for filing Annual Tax Returns. Citizens, as taxpayers of Personal Income Tax, are obliged to register the realized income during 2016 in the Public Revenue Office, by submitting the Annual Tax Return. For this reason...

Most of Macedonia to be connected to the gas pipeline in two years

In two years, if everything goes fine, most of Macedonia will be connected to the pipeline, said the Director of the Macedonian Energy Resources Krste Miladinov during Tuesday’s insight into on the construction works at the Skopje-Tetovo-Gostivar...

Insight in construction of gas pipeline section Skopje-Gostivar

An insight on the construction works at the Skopje-Tetovo-Gostivar gas pipeline section is to be carried out on Tuesday. The 86km-long pipeline, part of the project for a national gas distribution system, is set to be completed by 2019.

With quick phytosanitary analyses, Macedonian wines set to conquer international markets

Quick, relevant, cost-effective analyses according to international standards that in 10 minutes define 28 parameters of wine in order to be sold even at the most demanding markets are offered by the State Phytosanitary Laboratory (SPL). The...

Government of Japan presents grants for six projects in Macedonia

Six Macedonian institutions and the Government of Japan signed Monday grant agreements worth about EUR 370,000 for projects aimed at improving citizens’ lives. The projects refer to the rehabilitation of elementary schools in Struga village...

New, faster methods to approve wines for export

At the State Phytosanitary Laboratory of Macedonia, the LABENA company will present faster methods for analyzing wine quality, with procedures now lasting mere 10 minutes. The new equipment will be presented before representatives of the Association...

Japanese donations for schools, healthcare, flood prevention

The Embassy of Japan to Macedonia will donate a total of 368.626 EUR in six grants that will be signed on Monday. These include support to reconstruct the St. Clement of Ohrid elementary school in the village of Draslajca near Struga and the...

Higher crop and price of this year’s tobacco

This year’s purchase of tobacco is to end with higher than expected crop and price. According to the latest data of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, more than 25.000 tons of tobacco was purchased which is by 5.000...